Orange Adventures always offers you a personalized tour, tailored to your preferences and time.

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Many combinations and requests are possible. We also offer great business excursions (bedrijfsuitjes). If you don’t feel comfortable being guided in Dutch, English or German, we offer French, Italian, Spanish and Russian tours too (on request). Very knowledgeable academics will offer you an enjoyable hike or bike around town, or your preferred museum. Below we offer you a couple of insights:

“Amsterdam City tour” Book a 2 or 3 hour walking or bike tour around the old town. Many places of interest will be pointed out to you and historic sites will be visited. Discover how Amsterdam came to rule the world in the Golden Age or just enjoy” The Venice of the North”.

“The Architecture tour” by bike-this will take you along many outstanding examples of The famous Amsterdam School of the early 20th century. Also lovers of modern architecture will find the reorganized  industrial/port area Oostelijk Havengebied with world-renown features like the Python bridge and The Whale building a treat. (Furthermore Zuidas, Kraanspoor, Parkrand etc.)

Get a grasp of the infamous Red Light district and the vibrant nightlife with a walk around the oldest neighborhood of Amsterdam. Even during the day many coffeeshops, smart shops and bars make up for a bustling ambiance

You will explore the typical Dutch countryside just outside Amsterdam. The secrets of reclaiming land from the sea and living 4.5 meters below sea level will be revealed. Beautiful scenery unfolds on this 4-5 hour lasting biking trip.


Although poor Vincent only sold a single painting during his life time, nowadays he might even be better known than Rembrandt van Rijn. Find out about his brilliance, color use and trademark swirls. Your guide will fill you in on Van Gogh’s life: his relationship with younger brother Theo and all his failures. A recent biography sums it up quite neatly: a thousand pages of misery. His famous contemporaries, the French Impressionists, also deserve some attention

The paintings of Rembrandt and many other well-known Dutch 17th century masters are on display in the Rijksmuseum.  Art historians claim that some 5 million paintings have been made in this illustrious period in Dutch history. Your guide will bring the stories from this so-called Golden Age alive by showing  easy to miss details.

Amsterdam has always been very tolerant towards immigrants or political refugees, i.e. French Hugenots and Iberian and Polish-German Jews found shelter as early as 1578. Amsterdam is often called “Mokum”a bastardization of makom (the place in Hebrew), many mayors in the last five decades were Jewish, football club Ajax fans carry an Israeli flag with them. You will visit Anne Frank’s House (no guiding allowed) and The Jewish Historical Museum, and take a stroll around the old neighborhood..