We offer personalized tours (starting from € 140,- depending on group size), or choose from our selection below. See our ‘Tours’ page for more details.

City tour walk or bike

2 hour € 140 3-hour €195 all day (4-7 hrs) € 250-350 Bike rental not included

Architecture tour

2 hour € 150 3-hour €225 all day (4-7 hrs) € 275-375 Bike rental not included

Red Light District tour

Red Light District tour 2 hour at night € 225

Dutch Masters/Rijksmuseum or Van Gogh museum

2 hour € 160 3-hour €225 Both museums (4-5 hrs) € 300

Jewish Amsterdam tour

2-hour €150 combined with city walk (4-5hrs) € 300 (Anne Frank Museum not included. If you would like to visit the museum, please be advised to reserve timeslot tickets 2 months in advance. A drop off at the museum is possible)

Polder, dykes and windmills tour

all day (6-7 hrs) € 350 Bike rental not included


Last Minute Van Gogh Museum

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